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hearthstone freeze mage deck strategy guide


A seminal deck archetype for Jaina and Medivh, the Freeze Mage, opts for spells and freezing mechanics over a populated board presence. At the same time, these spells will keep your enemy’s board fairly empty, as well. A lot of this deck boils down to creating frozen synergy in your hand and a finishing set up with one Alexstrazsa, all the while dealing with whatever your opponent may throw at you pound for pound.


I personally subbed in Flamewaker because the card will still be getting good mileage due to the sheer amount of freeze-inducing spells. It’s a great tool to get rid of some weaker minions on your opponent’s board without having to spend any extra mana or spells, and he’s a good three-drop in general. A fantastic pick for board clearing would be the Doomsayer in conjunction with Frost Nova. Doomsayer will destroy all minions upon your next turn, while Frost Nova freezes all enemy minions. This forces your opponent to go to straight removal or just accept that his minions are toast.

Other essential picks are Mad Scientist and Water Elemental. Mad Scientist is a good tempo play, meaning when you play him on turn two, he has a commanding presence. He’ll drop a secret upon death, meaning you won’t have to spend the mana to play it. Water Elemental is a beefy body who freezes whomever he touches. It’s a great way to start the frozen synergy you’ll be after for the entirety of the game.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.47.17 AM

Let’s take a look at those legendaries. Emperor Thaurissan reduces the cost of every card in your hand by one mana. This leads to even crazier synergistic options when it comes to freeze-based spells. Alexstrazsa sets a player’s health at 15, making the enemy susceptible to spells. Archmage Antonidas conjures up Fireballs after every spell, giving you a lot more control of the battlefield or even a finishing blow. Dr. Boom is Dr. Boom

Freeze Mage’s downside is that because of its lack of minion mitigation on a large scale (outside of one or two combos), Mid-Range Druid and many Warrior archetypes can eat this deck up for lunch. It has a great match up against most other decks, but the decks it doesn’t are the most popular and the most powerful around.

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