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hearthstone face warrior deck and strategy guide

Can you tell I’m craving that Standard format and the new expansion? This week’s deck is both my best performing deck on ladder and the one full of the most holes in logic. Face Warrior loads your deck up with some pirates, weapons, charge characters, cheap battlecries and deathrattles, and Sir Finley for good measure in order to maximize your damage potential, ideally ending the match around turn 6 or 7.

Let’s start with the weapons. You have duplicates of four different weapons, so ideally you won’t go too long without one. Cursed Blade is a controversial pick, but for a turn one play or a finisher with a couple pirates, it’s a great way to throw your opponent off. This weapon has to be used optimally, or the double damage you’ll get from it will catch up with you horrendously quickly. Two of the other weapons are Warrior staples – Fiery War Axe and Death’s Bite are both solid choices. Rounding out the arsenal is the Arcanite Reaper, which is a great finishing blow and not much else.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.04.11 PM

In more nautical tactics, pirates are a great way to synergize with your weaponry. Southsea Deckhand is ideal for whittling away health for just one mana. Dread Corsair costs one mana less for the attack power of your weapon – making him a 3/3 with taunt for little to no mana. That’s all for piracy in this deck.

Other small but vital aspects in the Face Warrior are about maxing out your damage. Heroic Strike boosts your attack by 4, Mortal Strike does 4-6 damage depending on if your health is below 12 or not. Staples like Abusive Sergeant and Leper Gnome are low-cost essentials with the latter being a fantastic turn one play.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton will give you another random Hero Power. Make sure you pick the Hunter class’ one if you see it – if not, Mage or Druid will work. Rogue is only advisable if your other options suck. If you don’t get any of those, you just have bad luck.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.07.27 PM

This deck is extremely straightforward, and as such, has shortcomings. Taunts will obliterate you which is why two Ironbeak Owls are essential. They’re cheap and effective and will tear down whatever taunt is in your way. It is built to get your match over with as soon as humanly possible, so the longer you take to finish your opponent off, the harder it’ll be for you to survive. It routinely outpaces decks like Combo Druid and Secret Paladin mainly because their heavier stuff comes into play around turn 6 or 7.

The bottom line is that this deck is a great way to throw off people anticipating a Control Warrior or a Patron Warrior. Just watch out for Freeze Mages, that matchup is nearly unwinnable. As with any deck list, you can fine-tune and tweak it as you say fit, but this is an extremely cheap, effective way to climb up the ladder ranks.

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