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Health Benefits of Gaming – Infographic!

Health Benefits of Gaming – Infographic!

The realization that the Earth is flat. The theory of evolution. The splitting of the atom. The discovery of dark matter. These scientific discoveries are also extremely surprising, but perhaps not as surprising as the discovery that gaming can be good for your health. Yes, playing video games can be good for you!

This is true in various ways. For example, it has been shown that gaming can allow people to recover more quickly from trauma, both as a result of being involved in an accident and undergoing surgery. Studies have shown that gaming can quicken recovery and reduce the incidence of flashbacks. As well as this, gaming has multiple applications in the world of healthcare and in the well-being industry. For example, in our world in which people are living longer and the population is getting older, gaming can have a therapeutic benefit.

This is because gaming has been shown to reduce the speed of cognitive decline in the elderly, and also increase subjective well-being and decreases the incidence of depression in this group. This is as well as a host of other benefits, both cognitive and physiological: memory improvement, pain management, increased brainpower. The list goes on.

In addition to the above benefits, recently we have begun to discover the fact that gaming can actually have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, particularly if you play games in the exergaming genre, in which you play the game with your body. An example of the genre is we fit on the Nintendo Wii. Therefore, though it is perhaps surprising, gaming can actually have a multitude of benefits for your health and well-being, and researchers will surely discover further benefits as additional research is undertaken.

To find out more about the amazing health benefits of gaming, see the infographic from our partners at below.

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