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hand of fate 2 announces new companion

Defiant Games, the developers of Hand Of Fate 2, have dispatched a new trailer for the masses, opening the world up for all those eager for the release of the game. The sequel to Hand Of Fate, Hand Of Fate 2 promises to be more ambitious, with more cards, more combat, and the introduction of new combat companions. The game has been making rounds, thanks to the team at Defiant, with appearances at major conventions such as Pax West and PlayStation Experience 2016.

The original Hand Of Fate was released in 2013, a heartfelt effort by the team that rose from economic troubles to make a new game. Hand of Fate is a combination of action and the card-based choices of Dungeons and Dragons. Players read cards, indicating their character’s situation, as well as the choices that need to be made.

These choices can either help you or betray you down the line. Certain cards activate a combat scenario, and players are transported from a tabletop table onto an actual battlefield. From here, players engage in actual combat, using attacks and defensive techniques to win the battle and survive.

Hand Of Fate 2

Hand Of Fate 2 will differ from the first by having powerful AI Companions fight by your side. Introduced in the trailer is Captain Estrella Fiore of the Imperial Army. Strong, versatile, deadly, and with the look of a pirate, Fiore is an incredibly reliable ally to fight alongside with.

Players will be able to work together and use devastating, cinematic final attacks on the enemy. However, as players will make choices on the card deck, there may be difficult decisions that directly affect Captain Fiore, turning a powerful ally into a deadly adversary. Her faction, the Empire, may be noble at its front but it is also rotten to its core. Any choice made could have you at the mercy of her pistol and swords.

Hand of Fate 2 is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms in 2017.

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