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haimrik pax south 2017 hands on


It didn’t take long after meeting, Carlos Roch, the CEO of Below Game Studios, and the mind behind the game Haimrik; that should be releasing on steam in May and on consoles not too long after for him to make an impression.

Hearing him quote “Science, art, and philosophy grown inside of me so much together, I’ll give birth to centaurs.” By Nietzehe, was honestly enough to tell me everything I really needed to know before ever taking a second glance at the game being demoed.

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of video games and words of any sort and Below The Game Studios somehow managed to mix the two. The beginning concept is that you are reading part of a story as you move through the first level. Some of us don’t know that words can have power. Carlos Rocha proves the point to those that don’t recognize that fact. Some of these words can be “activated’ and as such, used to solve varying puzzles that you have to progress through. The thing I liked the most about this was that the solution was not set in stone. For example, at one point, you have to fight a couple of soldiers, and you can use the fight your way out with a sword or make an explosive to throw at them.

To be completely honest, this would be enough to keep me completely and utterly entertained; especially when coupled with the masterful graphics and artwork done by the Art Director, Andres Aracha. The style; though medieval wasn’t something I had really seen before. Most of the game is done in sepia, and a bright color denotes that some meaningful interaction is about to happen to your character. The graphic idea was largely based on the fact that Andres had read allot of comics as a child and wanted to incorporate that into his game. Another thing that caught my attention was that, though the game did hold quite a bit of gore, there was allot of humor to cut up the serious moments and ensure the game never game become monotonous.

At the end of what I played of the demo, it was discovered that everything you had just gone through was simply a dream and you end up exploring through town….only to find a book similar to the dream you were just having.

My attention is definitely held here, as though I did not get to meet her within the demo, Carlos let on that Hamrick, who is the immortal main character of the game, had the help of a lioness, who would protect and aid him and the cost of him being her “lunch box” as it was put to me, after she discovered that he could grow back dismembered limbs.

I am beyond excited for when this Haimrik debuts and where it ends up going. Stay tuned!!!

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