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guns of icarus interview

I have always been interested in the Steampunk Airship battler, Guns of Icarus. The steampunk setting drove my initial interest and the co-op versus combat looked like a blast. There was one problem. My friends tend to hate PvP games, leaving me with no one to play with.

Guns of Icarus

Now however with Guns of Icarus: Alliance the battle can be more of a friendly affair thanks to the addition of PvE content. We recently had the chance to sit down and chat with the folks over at Muse Games at PAX West. Hit the video below to learn about some of these new changes.

Thanks once again to the amazing folks from Muse Games for chatting with us about all of the new changes in Guns of Icarus: Alliance. Make sure to head on over to their website to stay up to date and get in on all of this co-op PvE fun!

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