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Gundam Versus – Coming to PS4 This Fall – Namco Bandai Release New Trailer

Celebrating its 38th, Anniversary this year, Namco Bandai and Sunrise Animation Entertainment is bringing forth Gundam Versus to the United States. to celebrate, they have released a brand-new trailer, showcasing not only several juicy minutes of gameplay footage but also explaining gameplay mechanics and the nature of its gameplay modes.

Starting in April of 1979, Gundam is an anime and manga series that has specifically focused on the creation and sue of incredibly powerful combat war machines, known as Gundams. Refined from the raw material, Gundanium Alloy, these mobile suits are both extremely tough and incredibly powerful, wielding some fo the most deadly weapons every crafted in the practice of interplanetary war. The Gundam series has expanded to multiple iterations and timelines, which range from a Vietnam War-like scenario on Earth to the depth of outer space and wars on Mars.

Gundam Versus

The series maintained its momentum, striking a small but loyal fanbase here in the Untied States, However, it wasn’t until the release of Gundam Wing on Cartoon network’s Toonami block that catapulted the popularity of the series into a phenomenon. In 1995, the airing of Gundam Wing in the United States made the series incredibly popular for the West. Games, action figures, and model kits appeared in stores across the country, becoming a hot-selling item. Toonami would air multiple series iterations, such as Gundam: 08th MS Team and Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. Recently, Funimation and Sunrise aired Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans to critical and commercial acclaim.

Gundam Versus is a 3D Action brawler, that takes place across the entire universe of the Gundam franchise As each series introduced their very own Gundams, players will be able to select from wide variety of Gundams, utilizing their unique proficiencies in offensive, defensive, and close-quarters combat to achieve victory.  Originally, exclusive to Japanese game markets, the game has been rebuilt from the ground-up, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The game will feature a multitude of game moves, including offline and online game modes.  Most particular is a 2v2 versus deathmatch that will have you and an ally fight in an epic Gundam battle. There will be multiple stages and destructible environments,

Gundam Versus will be available this Fall.

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