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glomtom 72 hour stream

Most people who look into comfortable gaming have heard the word Glomtom. This company produces an ergonomic pad for gamers. It’s a warm and comfortable pad that adjusts a gamer’s position to put less stress on your shoulders and neck. Not only do they create an amazing product that speaks for itself, but we at Stack-Up have been lucky enough to experience their overwhelming spirit of giving.

Stack-Up recently held a 72-hour charity stream with one of our partners, Glomtom.  During the 3-day event, Stack-Up and Glomtom brought in a total of $1500! Additionally, we were able to provide a Glomtom to an Army vet who was injured in Afghanistan during a patrol. The event was a great success and helped illustrate not only the willingness of others to help vets but the direct connection gaming has in doing so. Glomtom is a fantastic company working with us to help support our military as well as making gaming more comfortable for all of us, one soft pad at a time!

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