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Gaming Music to Listen to While Staying at Home

What would we do without music in our lives, especially now? Would we just be bored out of our minds? Our answer: Most likely, that’s why we’ve decided to help you out by putting together some gaming music to listen to while staying at home.

Our first playlist is sure to get your blood pumping and your body moving and ready for a final boss battle. Featuring music from popular games like God of WarDoomKingdom HeartsHalo, and so many others including the brand new Final Fantasy 7: Remake. Be sure to try out this playlist the next time you go for a run, or lift some weights at your comfy home gym.

Total Time: 54 min 31 sec Our Favorite Song: # 6 The Airbuster (Those Who Fight Further)

If you aren’t feeling the need to tire yourself out and just want to lounge and chill then I think our next playlist might suit you a little better. This playlist features more mellow and relaxing music from games like The Legend of ZeldaMinecaftStarfox Adventures, and Fable. Be sure to try out these songs if your trying to nap, or need a more zen atmosphere.

Total Time: 42 min 17 sec Our Favorite Song: #9 Reminiscence

Okay Maybe you don’t want to chill or workout, but rather you just want to have a good time listening to some fun tunes. Our last playlist will suit those needs perfectly. We filled this one up will silly and wacky songs from games like Kirby’s Dreamland, UndertaleSuper Smash Bros Ultimate, and Earthworm Jim. We hope you enjoy this playlist, it is a blast to listen to when you need a jolt of positive thoughts.

Total Time: 34 min 28 sec Our Favorite Song: #1 Bubblegum K.K.

If you have a playlist of your own, we would love to hear about it in our Discord. Come share with us and we’ll party in style with all the music you love from your favorite games.

I’d like to give a special thanks to my girlfriend for helping me put together these gaming music playlists for all of you. Thanks babe!

We hope that these playlists help you stay sane during our stay at home orders. Its important to keep the mind active and healthy and listening to music is a great way of doing that. And remember, Stack Up will always be here to support you.

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