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Forged Battalion – Team 17 is Bringing the Game to Steam

Team 17, the house that gave players the  Alien Breed trilogy and the W.O.R.M.S series, is set to reinvigorate the Real-Time Strategy genre with their upcoming title Forged Battalion. It’s been quite some time since players have experienced a fully-realized RTS and the development team at Petroglyph are poised to bring forth a brand new strategy experience, with some very special surprises.

Forged Battalion takes place in the 21st Century, where unchecked climate change has ravaged the Earth over many years. From the ashes of destruction, a massive totalitarian force has arisen, called “The Collective. ” You don’t wish to become part of this fiendish military force, and therefore, the time of dissent has come.

Forged Battalion

As the commander, you will rebel, resist, and fight back against The Collective. However, you are not just a mere Commander but also an engineer. Forged Battalion seeks to change the RTS by giving players full control over their forces.

In Forged Battalion, Players will not only command their combat forces, but also have full control over your military, including your units, factories, superweapons, and even the economy.  Players can obtain blueprints to develop more units and go through a deep tech tree to enhance their combat capabilities. Player will also be able to customize attributes such as armor, weapons, health regeneration, and stealth, as well as equip their armies with devastating superweapons.

Forged Batallion launches on Steam Early Access on January 16th, 2018.

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