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fated silent oath gives vr experience pax east

Fated - LittleGirlBlue

With the new rush of VR shooters and tech, FATED: The Silent Oath has decided to ride in a different direction. The 15-person creation team from Frima Studios gave an experience that stood out. The game is extremely story driven and circles a norseman in the middle of Ragnarok. You play a mute father who is nothing special. However, he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure his family is safe. The game’s narrative changes based off two simple actions from the player, a nod or a shake of the head, and is all it takes for the characters to understand you and reply.

Fated - Goddess

For a game that has been in development with such advanced new technology, it was shocking to see how far they have come in under two years. A breath taking world was put before the player in which every angle you could look was properly shown. It truly felt as if one was driving a carriage. The experience delivered at PAX East was amazing, and the team really went all out. Sitting upon a wooden carriage, the seat shook as the world rumbled with Ice Giants. When driven near a waterfall, the players’ hands were actually misted upon by a machine they could not hear nor see. Even the controller was replaced with real leather reigns to drive the horse.

2016-04-24 14.28.12

Immersion is absolutely the name of the game when it comes to FATED. Sadly, the amazing PAX presentation will not be available at home to the average player. Instead, the player will use the right and left triggers to simulate the movements and actions driving the performance of our Norse average hero.

Fated - Waterfall

The main focus of FATED was not purely action but an action adventure game where the purpose is to cause an emotional connection to the NPC’s. While talking with the devs they said they wanted to see if a person could use VR to create an emotional bond with a digital character while still remaining entertaining.

Fated - Wain

As with all VR, beautiful graphics such as FATED has cannot carry a game alone, and this game never had such concerns. Visually it was breath-taking, but the audio immersion and surround sound was perhaps some of the best experienced. With the proper headset, everything could be heard from the steps of the near Ice giants to the birds in the distant forest.


FATED will be compatible with all major VR systems with a release this April 28th on both Steam and the Occulus store. The game will be available on PC and PS4 with the use of a two controller triggers making the game both extremely easy for even new gamers to enjoy while still giving the driving story veteran players will enjoy. FATED: The Silent Oath is something fresh and has the possibility to be a quick favorite for those who enjoy choice in a fantastic story.

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