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Fallen Legion – Review

Fallen Legion

Your country has betrayed you and a false king has taken ahold of the land you love. You and your comrades have been branded as traitors to the kingdom. You are on the run, and the kingdom falls into turmoil. When you have nowhere else to go, and your life had been wronged, the only option is to fight back.

This is Fallen Legion, an ambitious action RPG from YYT Games and Mint Sphere.  Like a well-trained tactician, Fallen Legion was on the radar for quite some time, but it wasn’t until it launched that it made quite the impression, receiving critical and commercial acclaim. Fallen Legion featured a unique visual style with exciting gameplay that combined elements of RPG’s, action, and strategy. Recently, the game was released in its entirety as Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory for the Nintendo Switch. After some time with the game, Fallen Legion is a fantastic fantasy action experience well worth your time.

Fallen Legion is split up into two separate games. The first is Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire, which has players in the role of Princess Cecille in a quest to reclaim the throne of her kingdom. The next is Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion, which has players in the role of Legatus Leander and his quest to take revenge.  The two characters interact with each other in each game, but both characters feature entirely different campaigns, facing different characters and enemies.

To get the full story, it is recommended to play both games, but each one is a sizeable action adventure. if you happen to have a Nintendo Switch, both games are included together. Throughout each quest, players will encounter a fulfilling and intriguing story, filled with conspiracy, betrayal, dark magic, and witty humor. The characters themselves are created very well, giving players the impression of caring for the character and the outcome of their battles. The story certainly gets the inspirations from HBO’s Game Of Thrones and Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings.

The core of Fallen Legion is its gameplay, which is a unique combination of action RPG and tactical strategy, all happening at a rapid pace. At the beginning of each stage, players select which warriors they wish to bring into battle. These can range from heavily-armored knights to nimble soldiers and ranged marksman. Fallen Legion exists in an age of magic, swords, and firearms.

Expect the player to choose from a variety of characters, each with their own strengths and weakness for combat. The main character is a wielder of magic and will stay behind your team of soldiers. Cecille or Legatus, depending on which game you are playing, will provide healing, deadly spells, and the resurrection of fallen allies. Players may also select weapons, should they be unlocked, for the specified characters. Following their selection, the battle will begin.

The combat in Fallen Legion is refreshingly unique, but also fast-paced and intense. At the push of a button, players can initiate an attack. Each button is assigned to a character, so for example, the X button will prompt the character assigned to the button to initiate an attack. There is a stamina bar, and once that is depleted, players will need to wait a few moments to initiate the attack, making careful timing a necessity, but also button-mashing a strategy for when the battle calls for it. Depending on the attack, players have the capacity to combine attacks and wield special effects on the enemies.

Furthermore, during all battles, including boss encounters, players will be able to “break” their targets. A special shield meter appears below the target. if the player can bring that bar to zero, the target will be vulnerable to constant attack, which is crucial for quickly defeating powerful foes. The most quintessential mechanic is the block system, which will allow players to gain action points and deflect enemy attacks. If a player gains a successful parry, they can reflect ranged attacks, such as spells, back toward the enemy.

One of the most important parts of Fallen Legion is leadership choices. Between battle, players will have the authority to make decisions that will affect their army and the outcome of the kingdom. As the leader of the legion, soldiers will look up to the player. There are quick choices to be made, regarding desertion, taxes, territorial disputes, and so on. The choices are yours and as they are made in between fights, the choices need to be made Each choice yields reward, however, such as health, increased damage, and items to assist you. The choices made will assist you in combat, but that will also affect your troop morale.

When everything comes together, Fallen Legion is incredibly exciting. The action is intense and a variety of particle effects fly off the screen. The colorful presentation bursts of the screen and the music composition all heighten the combat sensation. The battles themselves are engaging, requiring the player to think quickly and act even more quickly. Every slain foe feels likes a small reward and each chapter offers a unique and engaging story. Perhaps my only real complaint with Fallen Legion is its feeling of repetition, which can linger as players play. However, the range of enemies and a variety of battles make the experience incredibly fun and rewarding.

Fallen Legion is a solid effort for its creators and a fantastic game for those seeking a different kind of adventure. It’s a fast-paced combat system and a solid story will keep players entertained, challenged, and thrilled. Fallen Legion is an incredible fantasy action game, regardless of the platform you play on.

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