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eon altar at pax west 2016

Eon Altar

I love games that try new things and Eon Altar is certainly doing something new. Though the game may be wrapped in the traditional packaging of a fantasy RPG, the way you play is the name of the game here. Eon Altar makes use of your smartphone or mobile device as the control interface. This allows the game to talk directly to you and allows the player to decide what information to reveal to the rest of the group.

Drawing inspiration from table-top gaming the developers of Eon Altar hope to capture that same experience while sitting around the couch and TV. The turn based fashion of gameplay also feeds into the table top feel that playing Eon Altar brings. You will have time to talk to your party and decide the best course of action, or you can be that guy and charge in ahead of your teammates, the choice is yours.

I recently had some hands-on with the game at PAX West 2016 and gamedev Joey guided me through the process answering all my questions along the way.

Thanks so much to the folks from Eon Altar for taking the time to chat with me during their busy PAX schedule. It was an interesting time with a game that is truly innovating in interesting places. Make sure to check out the game on their website and look for the first chapter available on Steam now.

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