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Early Access Review: Sushi Battle Rambunctiously

Sushi Battle Rambunctiously is available now on Nintendo Switch. I had the privilege (well, I thought before I started playing it) of trying this game out for myself. I would not say this is the worst game I have ever played, but sadly, it is one to forget. I found this game funny and silly, yet at times rather uninspiring. If you want a game that will make you laugh, this is the one, but mostly for the wrong reasons.

Sushi Battle Rambunctiously is a hilarious battle royal party game where only one out of four players will emerge victorious. In this game, you get to create your own cute-looking sushi characters and survive on stages filled with different challenges and gimmicks. I found this game hilarious to play, but at the same time, I found it a rather poor gaming experience. You get to create your own sushi character with many different styles and options available. There are plenty of objects you have to avoid, including moving sushi plates and grey sushi-eating monsters.


This game is certainly very difficult, and it takes practice to get better at it. Once you’ve chosen your characters, you’ll move on to selecting where your match will occur. Each location has different items and characteristics; your goal is simply to try to knock each other out of the arena, stun them, and then put them over the side. If you don’t have any friends to play with, you’ll also have the option to go solo and fight zombies instead. No matter what your characters look like, there’s no getting around the core gameplay being very poor, and the character's movement is sluggish, to say the least. The characters are so difficult to control, and the game seems to run at 1 mile an hour, lacking the excitement and fast pace of other games I have played.


I found the game rather frustrating to play due to how slowly you move, and this is even worse in single-player mode, where you are so slow and useless, and it is annoying. Games need excitement, progression, and excellent gameplay. Sadly, this game offers none of these. I did not get the chance to try out multiplayer, but I doubt this would have made much difference; playing a super slow-moving and difficult-to-control field of sushi characters is unlikely to be a good experience, even as a group.

The only positive I would give is that it is fun to make the characters themselves and that they are cute to look at. Unfortunately, this is where the positives end. This game is a good idea in itself, but the gameplay and graphics are poor, and I would sadly not recommend it despite being a lover of sushi. Sushi Battle is out now on the Nintendo Switch, with future releases to PC (Steam), Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

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