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E3 2019: Sniper Elite VR Announced

One of the biggest surprise announcements at this year’s E3 was Sniper Elite VR, from the wonderful team at Rebellion Studios. After several installments of stealthily dispatching Nazis from the third-person view, the team has built an experience that puts players right behind the sniper scope and challenges them to make that shot that will change the very course of history. Accompanying the announcement is a special featurette, showcasing some gameplay footage as well as the developers teasing what is to come with Sniper Elite VR.

Sniper Elite VR will take place a short time before the events of Sniper Elite 4, which arrived in 2017 to roaring acclaim. Sniper Elite 4 took place in Italy, tasking players to eliminate members of the fascist Italian military and high-ranking Nazi officials. In Sniper Elite VR, players will don the boots of a new OSS Sniper and support the Italian resistance fighting to take their country back. Players will be right behind the scope, using their movements and weapon handling to dispatch enemy targets. From overwatch to escort to assassination missions, players can expect to utilize sharpshooting skills and tactics to successfully complete their objectives over the course of a varied and challenging campaign.

As the video below shows, the game will allow the players to utilize several different control techniques, which included the PlayStation AIM controller, PlayStation MOVE controllers, and the Dual Shock 4 controller for PlayStation 4 owners. While the focus of Sniper Elite has been the immersive and brutal longe-range shooting, Sniper Elite is also a stealth-action video game, and players will have to rely on stealth mechanics to maneuver about the battlefield and track their prey. The game will also be arriving on Oculus, Steam VR, and Vive Port as well.

Based on the video displayed, the game looks absolutely fantastic! There hasn’t been VR game that specifically focuses on sniper gameplay, and so Sniper Elite VR is finding itself plugging into an area of VR gameplay that hasn’t been done, if rarely. The Sniper Elite games have been known for their profound presentation and gameplay, especially for its accessibility. Whether players want a true sniping simulator or a much more streamlined shooting experience, the Sniper Elite games have been known to give players the experience they seek, and deliver incredibly satisfying expectations. From the brutal x-ray kill camera to the dynamic, cinematic-inspired shooting, Sniper ELite continues to impress and make strides in what it does, and seeing them make the leap into the VR is exciting.

Sniper Elite VR is coming soon to PS4, Steam and VivePort.

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