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e3 2016 sony press conference recap

Sony’s press conference was less a press conference and more a series of trailers. Depending on who you ask, this is either a great or a disappointing thing. Whichever way you slice it, PlayStation took quite a few left turns and has an exciting, yet still distant future ahead of it for the PlayStation 4.

They kicked things off with a God of War game that’s taking many cues from titles like The Last of Us when it comes to exploration and combat. This appears to be the Kratos we all know and begrudgingly shrug our shoulders at, though more aged and down to earth. The game looks awesome.

Days Gone is Sony Bend’s title they’ve been working on for years. It doesn’t look particularly exciting, outside of the sheer number of zombies heading your way. Its similarities to The Last of Us are worth noting, but I’m hoping this game carves out a bit more of an identity – as of now it’s unimpressive.

Looks like The Last Guardian is coming out this year, after all, touting an October 25 release date. The footage this time around introduces an evil counterpart to your companion from the looks of it, and you know that companion of yours is going to go down in a gut-wrenching way, so prepare yourself.

Horizon: Zero Dawn isn’t the most impressive name in the world, but the visual splendor coupled with a really cool narrative hook. Post-post apocalypse, where the world is recovering from whatever humanity did to it. Slated for early next year, the men and women behind Killzone did a lot of color and creativity. Let’s hope it sticks.

Detroit: Become Human had a different trailer with a different protagonist, highlighting the fact that decisions can branch out and have different outcomes. Not the newest concept in gaming, but it looks interestingly done.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard was a pretty small take on what looks to be another reinvention of the franchise. First-person and horror-centric, the game is taking full effect of PlayStation VR, along with titles like Batman: Arkham VR and Final Fantasy XV.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare had a very interesting space-based battle. It’s clearly mankind still in the infancy of space travel, with lots of cinematic effects of windows breaking, spacemen being shot at, and of course, red dot sights.

Crash Bandicoot returns! His first trilogy is being remastered from the ground up for the PlayStation 4, and the bandicoot himself is coming to Skylanders. This is likely a testing ground for how a proper Crash Bandicoot sequel could do, so get on it!

Hideo Kojima returned, as well, showcasing Death Stranding. What exactly the game is, we don’t know, though Norman Reedus has kept his ties with Kojima. Again, the trailer is straight-up bizarre.

Insomniac is making a new Spider-Man game! Open-world insanity is to be expected. The suit isn’t spectacular, but through Insomniac, I’m sure they’ll put a great spin on the web-slinger.

The verdict? This was a great conference in the moment, but the lack of dates on many of these products do soften the blows. It’s still very strong, but it could have been stronger.

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