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Dustoff: Heli Rescue II – Out Now on PlayStation 4

Minecraft may not be everyone’s preferred game to play, but there’s no denying that the pixel-inspired blocky graphics have been quite distinct, and have been an inspiration for other games, such as 3D Dot Game Heroes from Atlus. They have also been used in music videos on Youtube, such as ” Fallen Kingdom” A Minecraft Parody of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, as well as “Let It Blow” A Minecraft Parody. For Rainy Frog Studios, and Ratalaika Games comes an action video game that utilizes the fun of the Minecraft visuals: Dustoff: Heli Rescue II.

Dustoff: Heli Rescue II

Dustoff: Heli Rescue II is a helicopter combat and rescue game, greatly inspired by arcade greats, like Choplifter on the Apple II. Dustoff will have players choosing from one of 12 helicopters and taking to the skies in 35 intense combat missions.

Across these missions, players will participate in escorting convoys, rescues POW’s, and outright engaging the enemy in search and destroy missions. Players will be utilizing rockets, missiles, and machines guns, annihilating enemy combatants in mince-craft inspired pixelated explosions.

The game’s simple visual nature does not imply it will be in any way easy. Expect to be challenged and to fight hard, especially as each level will present different weather conditions to contend with.

Dustoff: Heli Rescue II will is out now on the PlayStation 4, with a Nintendo Switch version coming sometime soon.

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