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DUSK – Now Available on Steam Early Access

One year after making its debut at PAX SOUTH 2017, retro-inspired first-person shooter, DUSK,  has made its way to Steam Early Access and is now ready to play for all those who dare enter the carnage. Developed by  David Szymanski and published by New Blood Interactive, DUSK takes shooting back to the good, old days, during a time of punishing difficulty, wax-smooth frames, and sheer bloody carnage.

DUSK takes inspirations from the classic PC FPS’s of the 1990’s, such as Quake, Hexen, and Half-life, to craft a shooting experience that both harkens back to golden-age shooting mechanics and also evolves the genre. DUSK puts the player in a world where dark, sinister forces lurk beneath the surface, constantly working their evil energies unabated.

That is until they met you, the player.

Somewhere, there is a concentration of evil, from backwater cultists to possessed militants. It is up to you to move fast and shoot faster in order to purge the lands of evil. Everything from hard-hitting dual-wielding handguns to machine guns and shotguns will be at your disposal.

The enemies will be numerous and extremely tough. Using precise shooting and constant mobility is quintessential to survival. In DUSK, every weapon, even a handgun, hits harder than a freight train crashing into a wall at full speed. Enemies will lock-on and eviscerate you if you aren’t fast enough. But, each enemy can be destroyed in a satisfying gore explosion. All of this is backed up by an amazing soundtrack by heavy metal composer Andrew Hushult, whose credits include Rad Rodgers, the 3D Realms Anthology, Bombshell, and the remake of the DOOM soundtrack IDKFA.

DUSK is now available on Steam Early Access. The Early Access features chapters 1-3, including online multiplayer. For more information DUSK, including several games from New Blood Interactive, I actually wrote a hands-on preview of DUSK and several other games. You can read it here.

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