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dubwars and wobbl3 entertainment at rtx

Especially for someone with social anxiety, new experiences involving large crowds of people can be absolutely terrifying; especially when your entire reason for being somewhere is to interact with people.

As the weekend progressed, I spent allot of time down with the Indy developers; doing allot of observing and a little bit of talking to people, trying to find my own way so to speak. I wanted to start small so I started with booths that only had one or two people at them when I was walking by.

One thing I observed was that the Wobbl3 Entertainment’s booth was ALWAYS crowded and full of people. Being an avid lover of EDM in general; the Dubstep music reverberating all the way around the booth and through parts of the Indy section was enough to tell me why before I ever even got close enough to see what was going on.



Then I met Jonathan Whitley, who is Wobbl3’s Director of Marketing. I explained what I was doing there, that it was my “trial by fire” as Kevin Wallace had put it and he just laughed at me and answered the couple questions that I still needed have answered.

When you tell people that you help with a charity that helps vets, they usually get excited and tell you how amazing that is. I never expected Jonathan to be so physically supportive of our cause. (Pun intended.) Of course, he had seen the Stack-Up booth and so he had a few questions about us that I answered for him.

The last thing I expected was for him to actually come do push-ups for us when I teasingly asked him if he had been over to do it yet, but sure enough, next thing I know, he is walking over with me to sign up. Of course, he disappeared and I had a laugh and didn’t actually expect him to come back. However; the laugh was on me and my only regret was that I did not catch pictures of him supporting us when I found out just how far he was willing to go. Alas, that is not my story to tell, but stay tuned!

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