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Double Kick Heroes – Coming To Steam Early Access April 11th

We’ve roared across wastelands in Mad Max. We have fought vicious mutant beasts in the post-apocalyptic lands of Fallout. Of course, other games have done these things before, but imagine a game, that has mutants in a hazardous wasteland as well as guns but infused with the sheer, raw power of metal. From publisher and developer, The Headbang Club comes a game that combines the tried-and-true mechanics of spaceship shooters, driving games, and rhythm music games, all to the thrashing insanity of Metal.

This game is called Double Kick Heroes, a game where mutants hordes will find themselves obliterated at the hands of metal music and cannon fire. For those lucky enough to be attending PAX East in April, Double Kick Heroes will be available to play at the IndieMEGABOOTH from April 5-8th. The Indie Megabooth will be located at the center of the Main Expo Hall.

Double Kick Heroes puts players in a hopelessly dystopic future, where mutants zombies roam free. In fact, just about everything is a mutant! Mutant neo-nazis, mutant zombies, mutant cars, even sharks have formed feet and arms to run across the irradiated pavement of ruined streets.

The only way to survive is through the power of music, combined with powerful guns and your car. This amalgamation of different mechanics is known as the Gundillac. Players will embark across the decrepit wasteland, using their music to slay giant monsters and hordes of grotesque creatures. To control this, the game plays in a style similar to Harmonix’s Amplitude or Activision’s Guitar Hero.

The weapons you fire are tied to music keys, which are then assigned to your keyboard. The key to victory is to time your button presses on the keyboard to match the notes appearing on the bottom of the screen. Don’t expect this game to be easy as heinous beasts will charge at your vehicle and attempt to eviscerate you, sending your bandmates to a grisly doom as well as ending your tour.

Double Kick heroes will be arriving on Steam Early Access on April 11th. You can read my hands-on preview of the game from PAX SOUTH 2017 here.

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