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divide kicking off a new year of gaming in january 2017

Next year is shaping to be another great year for video gamers the world owner, and for PlayStation owners, there is plenty that is on its way to the PlayStation Nation. Some big name titles are set to arrive next month, but for those looking for a journey, where an ordinary person finds himself performing extraordinary feats, look no further than Divide from Exploding Tuba studios.

Divide is a sci-fi story with modern twists, yet an interesting visual perspective that feels very reminiscent of isometric adventures on the PlayStaiton One. This is made visible with the levels, which feel naturally painted onto the screen. Not too much is known about Divide, leaving its mystery most intriguing to curious gamers.

Players play the role of David, a loving, widowed father, who finds himself in a terrible situation as his daughter is ripped away from his care. In the pursuit to get her back, David finds himself in a strange world that challenges his very perceptions of reality and what is really real. Outside of that, players will have to experience it on their own. However, Chris Tilton, founder of Exploding Tuba Studios, assures curious players that the gameplay will never betray the story.

Players will have options in their experience, especially in regards to level navigation and combat. They can perform stealth, engage in direct combat, or avoid it entirely. Keep in mind that David is not a former soldier. He is a professional turned homemaker with virtually no combat experience whatsoever. Players will have to put themselves in David’s shoes and act accordingly.

The divide is described as a lonely sci-fi dungeon crawler. Players will explore these massive environments in pursuit of his daughter and find discover attributes about themselves and others. In this incredibly advanced sci-fi world, players may find themselves feeling alone as David wanders inside buildings and subterranean structures, he will be accompanied by Eris, who disconnects from the digital dreamscape that this unknown world provides, but David needs to continue the quest. Players will find themselves wrapped with the gameplay working with and not against the story arcs.

Divide launches for the Playstation 4 on January 31st. Follow Exploding Tuba Studios for more information.

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