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desync pax west preview

The classic Disney movie, Tron, was a movie that is remembered and revered for celebrating the inner worlds of computers, as well as becoming a breakthrough in visual effects technology. The film introduced humans to the world of The Grid, a world inside computers, giving life to programs, circuitry, viruses, and energy. Ever since, the visual style has had a tremendous impact on video games and films, which continues today, as evidenced in the newest game in Adult Swim’s portfolio, Desync.

Desync, developed by FOREGONE studios, is a first-person roguelike shooting game, completely set within a brightly colored world of computer-inspired visuals a neon glows. Players will wield all forms of weapons, including swords and a variety of firearms. The trick to winning and defeating your foes is to be creative, edgy, and live dangerously.

Players will have to experiment with their environment and weapons, to pull off specialized kills. Some of these skill kills will be required for eliminating specific enemies, especially the many bosses that players will face in the digitized environment.

Desync will be available for play at PAX WEST 2016, at the Adult Swim booth, alongside several other highly anticipated titles from the game publisher.

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