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destiny weekly news roll out may 20

Guardians!!!! Another week has passed and Xûr has appeared looking to get a hold of your strange coins. You can find him out by the Speaker and New Monarchy on that North side of the Tower. Don’t worry though he has brought some items along with him in exchange of those strange coins you have been hoarding all week.

This week is a little bit different due to the circumstances that Bungie has come across but I’ll get that that here in a minute. For now, let’s start checking out what Xûr has brought to the Tower for us to enjoy.


Starting off with the Titan we have “The Glasshouse”, a helmet that was designed around the Defender subclass. This helmets perk, called Bathed in Light, allows both weapons of light and blessing of light to last longer. This means that you won’t have to constantly run back to the Ward of Dawn to reacquire those bonuses. The helmet this week has Hands-on, Second Thoughts, and Invigoration for its selectable perks.

The Glasshouse

Overall Opinion: This helmet can be extremely useful for keeping the weapons of light and blessing of light benefits lasting longer meaning a little bit more mobility. This was extremely helpful for me during this week’s Challenge of Elders keeping the weapons of light perk active longer. This helmet by far is a PvE centric helmet, and even then it is only useful in those situations where you need that shield or firepower and mobility. For me, it’s a 50/50 toss-up between this helmet and Helm of Saint-14. One offers a long lasting buff while the other provides the bubble of PvE survivability.

Hunter’s that did not really buy into the Don’t Touch Me gauntlets good news these gauntlets help you go on the offensive rather than having defensive perks. I’m talking about the “Khepri’s Sting” gauntlets which have the ability called Touch of Venom. This exotic ability allows a Hunter to gain invisibility after crouching in place for a small period of time. Once invisible if your melee attack an enemy from behind it will deal a 4x damaging blow. If that wasn’t enough your melee attacks also apply a lingering damage effect as well.

Khepri's Sting

Overall Opinion: These gloves can pack a huge punch when used properly. This benefits both PvP and PvE environments. Let’s be honest, these gloves won’t help too much on boss fights since it puts you in a very vulnerable position after your strike. In PvP granting invisibility can be a huge boost to maneuverability and a chance to catch your enemies’ off-guard. These gauntlets sound extremely powerful, but I have seen these in action and it is a lot harder to use effectively to get a solid strike from behind the targets.

The “Sunbreakers” have returned to the Warlock gauntlet inventory since last month’s update and will make you feel like you have the power of the sun in the palm of your hands for your Sunsinger subclass. These gauntlets exotic ability Helium Cycle grant your solar grenades a longer duration, plus an additional solar grenade charge. These gauntlets also provide increased reload speed for Scout Rifles or Fusion Rifles, and an increase to grenade throw distance.These grenades are often overlooked for lethality, but they are really good at area of denial.


Overall Opinion: For PvE I would pass on these gauntlets due to the fact that the AI will move out of the continuous damage burn making your grenades impractical. I really do like these gloves for area of denial use in PvP. It usually catches some of the other guardians by surprise since these grenades have hardly been used in Destiny history.

For the weapon, this week is a shotgun for your primary weapon slot. This weapon is none other than the “Universal Remote”. Just think about it, you are capable of equipping a shotgun and a sniper rifle at once??? This shotgun also has Crowd Control, Hammer Forged, and bonus range and damage while aiming down the sights. Although this shotgun has small range initially once the weapon is max leveled it will get all those bonuses increasing the range and firepower of the weapon itself.

Universal Remote

Overall Opinion: I use this weapon specifically in PvP with my Titan, due to the fact that I can now have two of the most powerful weapon classes in the battlefield (Shotgun’s / Sniper Rifles) equipped at the same time. Plus this will be able to also activate the No Backup Plans triggering Force Barrier. That being said there are times where special ammo is at a premium making it less ideal to be running around with just this shotgun, so choose your battles wisely but pick this up if you love your defender titan.

Destiny Weekly News Roll-Up

-Challenge of the Elders-

This week’s Challenge of the Elders grants extra bonus points for any precision kills generated. The active modifiers this week are Fresh Troops which will cause some waves to have extra minions. The other is Juggler testing your precision aim with all three weapon types if you don’t switch weapons every once and awhile you will be lacking the required ammo to take down your foes in a timely manner.

All in all this week is an easy week for points. It is up to you guardians to pick weapons that allow you to get precision kills at a fast pace. I personally went with First Curse since its bonuses are triggered by precision kills and that it can one shot your enemies in the first round. During the second and third rounds, I found that having a Titan with weapons of light made the First Curse one shot precision kill almost all minions during the rest of the challenge. Plus having the Ward of Dawn up from a titan allows you to have a little bit extra survivability if the Fresh Troops get out of hand.

-Bungie News-

This week for Bungie has had its ups and downs throughout but has been able to close out the week with some great information that was leaked on Reddit. Starting with the bad news this week all Trails of Osiris and Future Iron Banners have been postponed due to the current Heavy Ammo glitch allowing unlimited rockets. DeeJ was nice enough to let us know how serious this glitch was to the game by stating that “None of the solutions to fix Heavy Ammo economy are immediate”. This means that it could be next week, it could be a month from now until competitive PvP returns.

The good news is that Bungie this week broadcasted a raid on their twitch and was able to dive deeper behind the lore of the raid. The video itself was a good insight as to the minds of the developers and story background. I would say that we kind of take the raid for granted and this video helps give a much deeper feeling behind the Kings Fall raid.

-Community News-

So last night there was a development in the Destiny community about future content that was leaked onto Reddit. The thing that was leaked was a poster of Lord Saladin who looks to be in the City on Earth preparing for battle with what people are saying is a battle axe. Kotaku was able to get more confirmations on that there will be a new Raid being Fallen focused. I am assuming that this is the content that DeeJ was hinting at after the 12 April update. If that is to be true expect this to be dropping in September time frame. Keep your eyes peeled at E3 for news and it’s official announcement. After looking at the image for a while I am already excited to see what the Bungie Dev team has in store for us.

With that being said I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. Until next week, I will look forward to seeing you around the Destiny world.


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