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destiny weekly news roll

Welcome back to another weekly roll-up of Destiny information guardians!! Xûr has brought us some goodies to trade our strange coins in for during the Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris events. On another note Bungie has also been kind enough to update the community on current issues and planned fixes. Lastly, we will dive into the Challenge of the Elders mode for this week give tips on making it easier for guardians to complete all the challenges.

First stop is to give a roll up on Xûr’s inventory which consists of the Twilight Garrison, ATS/8 Arachnid, The Ram, and Hawkmoon.

The Titan armor “Twilight Garrison” is a very unique armor within the exotic armor world. This armor’s main exotic ability called Tactical Air Support allows the titan to evade in the air.This armor also grants the user of Solar Recovery or Solar Armor. Only one is selectable, but if you do not like the elemental roll on the armor you can re-roll these with Glass Needles. Another trick is to purchase this armor, then go over to the exotic kiosk down by the vanguard vendors to get a different stat roll.

Twilight Garrison

Overall Opinion: This armor allows titans so much extra maneuverability especially combined with Titan skating and shoulder charge. What may seem like a little extra boost to momentum might be the only thing that gets you out of those tight situations. Ultimately I think that this armor is often overlooked and highly under-rated. I would say if you have the strange coins to spare, pick this armor up.


Hunter armor this week is the “ATS/8 Arachnid” helmet, one which benefits the Gunslinger subclass only. This helmet allows the Golden Gun Super ability to be zoomed in allowing your hunter to pick off targets across the map with ease.

ATS/8 Arachnid

Overall Opinion: This helmet works great to help refine the Golden Gun’s crosshairs especially during those long range across map shots. You only get three shots with this helmet, but it will help make them count. I currently use the “Young Ahamkara’s Spine” instead of this helmet to increase my trip mine ability.


The Warlock has been given the gift of “The Ram” this week from Xûrs travels to the Tower. Not only does it make your Warlock a force to be reckoned with, but it actually makes your Warlock extremely powerful. This helmet does a lot more than one would expect, but looking at the base armor increase and lifesteal for all Voidwalker melee’s makes this a nasty Warlock to go up against.

The Ram

Overall Opinion: This is a must own by any player, even if you have yet to make a warlock. Pick this up just in case you do make a Warlock down the road, trust me you’ll thank me later. The survivability that this helmet provides to Voidwalker is tough to come by, granted you have to get up close and personal with your enemies to trigger the lifesteal perks. I have also seen other subclass Warlocks use this helmet for the armor boost alone.


Xûr’s weapon of choice this week is a very shiny exotic hand cannon called “Hawkmoon”. This deadly handgun sure packs a punch with three of eleven rounds doing considerable bonus damage. You will know when one of these rounds go off when Hawkmoon shimmers and a ping is sounded. Another good thing about this weapon is that it just got buffed in this last patch with more range.


Overall Opinion: The Hawkmoon is extremely powerful when those extra damage bullets proc in close succession. I have been on the receiving end of two shot kills, as well as dealing those out to my unlucky enemies. The thing that hurts this weapon the most is the slower rate of fire, so you have to make your shots count. Still, the Hawkmoon which was previously a PS4 exclusive weapon is still one of my favorite weapons to use. If you have the coins, pick it up and give it a shot, or at least a couple until you hear those bonus bullets get fired.


If you are still filled with tons of extra strange coins, I suggest in stocking up on Three of Coins. Doing so will help drop exotic engrams which can be decrypted at a much highly light level than that which Xûr sells. So if all else fails you are at least getting weapon and armor infusion fuel to get that light level higher.

Three of Coins

Destiny Weekly News Roll-Up

-Patches Inbound-

We are now on our third week into this new patch, so far Bungie and Destiny players have found a couple interesting bugs that need to be dealt with. First of Bungie is implementing an update ( to correct the issues with some chests, quests, and reward systems. The biggest update that Bungie talked about was the melee detection system getting tweaked. The base and coding will be uploaded with the update on May 3rd. The new melee registration coding will be manually added to the game on May 10th, both 10 A.M. PST.

-Trials of Osiris-

Trials of Osiris is now live, this week has a very interesting map to try and dominate during your quest for the lighthouse. The Timekeeper is this week’s map, a smaller map which forces teams to stick closer together to overcome their enemies. Even if you never get to the Lighthouse completing the bounties for Trials offer a chance at getting some pretty awesome rewards (armor at 5 wins, a weapon at 7 wins). My advice for this map is that your team needs to communicate and be within a good range of each other (strength in numbers). Just be careful about grenades and don’t stand too close to your teammates that you both or all three get killed at once. Both short and long range set up’s work on this map depending on what side the map you position yourself on.

-Challenge of the Elders-

This week’s Challenge of the Elders grants extra bonus points for any melee kills generated. With that being said the modifiers this week being Exposure make it a little harder to stay alive while attempting all of these melee kills. On top of that Trickle is enabled as well reducing how fast your abilities regenerate. I have a couple of thoughts and tricks you can use to increase your score with each guardian class. For the weapon of choice i would lean towards using the Monte Carlo since it helps to reduce your melee cooldown timer. This weapon will also shave some health off your enemies to get close a finish them with a nice punch.

For the Titan I would recommend the Striker class combined with the Mk.44 Stand Asides to increase the capabilities of your shoulder charge melees. Hunters, I suggest setting up Gunslinger with Knife Juggler, Gambler’s Dagger, and equipping the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps (hint: throwing knifes count as melee kills). Warlocks, it’s kind of up to your playstyle. Most people I saw used The Ram, but I went with Voidwalker, lifesteal melee, and equiped Claws of Ahamkara gauntlets. The overall idea is the reduce your melee cooldowns while granting survivability or shield regeneration. Hope these help your endeavors inside the Reef, and until next week I’ll see some of you inside the Crucible Guardians!


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