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Happy Holidays Guardians!!

As we get many new guardians pouring into the tower, it is time to educate them on the event we know and love: Iron Banner. We have had our fun bashing into each other on the SRL tracks for the past several weeks, but it’s time to head back into the crucible. Iron Banner has returned to us as Lord Saladin makes his way back into the tower. By doing so, he has brought new rewards to earn as we climb through the reputation ranks.

Be ready because the Iron Banner started up as soon as the SRL flags were taken down. The Iron Banner will consist of 6 v 6 Control matches with level advantages enabled. This means the higher light level you are the more advantages you have. Bungie does a good job of explaining this during their 13 October news article here. Overall, if everyone is around the same light level, the damage reduction is hardly noticed (at least from my groups’ experience).


On the startup of Iron banner, be sure to swing by the Tower to talk to Lord Saladin (up the stairs behind the bounty board, normally this area is sealed off). He will give you 3 weekly bounties and three daily bounties. From experience, I would advise holding onto the weekly ones before turning them in. This is because as the week goes on the reputation gains get boosted allowing you to earn more from those bounties. Additionally, be sure to equip any Iron Banner items early to increase your reputation gains before engaging in your first match (Shader, Emblem, and Class item). If it is your first time in the Iron Banner than don’t worry you can buy (Shader, Emblems) from Lord Saladin as you reach the appropriate ranks.

As you do climb the Ranks (starting at 0 and going up to 5) with Iron Banner, more items become available to you. Some are through post-game drops while others can be purchased through Lord Saladin. Here is what the breakdown looks like for this week’s Iron Banner event. (Looks like PlayStation players get to have more exclusive armor).


Rank 1 ”“ Emblem available from Saladin Rank 2 ”“ Shader available from Saladin, Helmets available post-match rewards Rank 3 ”“ Boots/Emblem available from Saladin, Class items & Haakon’s Hatchet available post-match rewards Rank 4 ”“ Helmets/Haakon’s Hatchet available from Saladin. Deidris’s Retort available post-match reward Rank 5 ”“ Deidris’s Retort / Shader available from Saladin.



This does initially become to be a bit of a grind, but there are tools to help you plan and boost your characters in case 1) You don’t like or are bad at PvP 2)You don’t want to be playing Iron banner all day. After each losing round you will receive a medallion which can stack up to five times. These medallions will be automatically cashed in on your next win for 80% of a win reputation. For example, if you have 5 medallions and a win gives you 58 rep it comes out like this. Total Rep = 58 (win)+ 47+47+47+47+47 (5 medallions). Feel free to reference what helped me through my first Iron Banner via the Reddit DestinyTheGame community here, and the Iron Banner calculator here.

Catch you in the Iron Banner Guardians!

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