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Destiny 2 – Thoughts & Community Before E3

Destiny 2 – Just before E3

Guardians! We have less than a week left until a possible juicy news drops upon us. E3 is right around the corner with plenty of secrets waiting. Since the live stream, Bungie dropped that we will be able to play the new Arcstrider Hunter class at E3. Other than that, there has yet to be any additional information from Bungie. We can assume that they will try to remain silent until the E3 convention kicks off. When E3 week does start it looks like we have a couple opportunities to get some new info for Destiny 2. First off before the start of E3 will be Sony’s press conference at 6 pm PST Monday, June 12th.  Followed by getting our hands on with the new Arcstrider Hunter at the Activision booth. Now the rest of this is mostly speculation, so let me know what you think as well as any of your viewpoints and thoughts.

Now the rest of this is mostly speculation, so let me know what you think as well as any of your viewpoints and thoughts.


Potential Drops from Sony

Sony does a very good job presenting their future products during their press conference. We saw this during last year’s reveal for several game videos. This does also provide us with an opportunity to see what Sony has in store for PlayStation and Destiny 2. Microsoft has their press release set four hours prior to Sony’s. Now, this is all just speculation but I am assuming that Sony has prepared for that announcement with possibly something of their own. I am not saying there will be a new console. What might be there is a price drop announcement. Sony will most likely have a tad bit of information to announce when it comes to Destiny as well.


PlayStation & Destiny 2 Exclusives

During the press reveal would be a good time to unveil the PlayStation exclusives for Destiny 2. With three months left until game release, it could be an idea to encourage game sales towards PlayStation. One top of that PlayStation has always had a bundle for Destiny. Originally it was a white PlayStation 4, during The Taken King they updated the bundle with gold drawings. This time it does offer up a chance to see the PlayStation 4 Pro bundled with Destiny 2. The last bit of information could be about the Beta launch date. I personally think it will be unlikely during the E3 show. It could, however, be announced later in June, early July time frame. This would allow at least two full months of beta testing to fix any bugs before September 8th.


Destiny 2 and the Communities Reactions.

Ever since the May 18th reveal stream the Destiny community has exploded with information and videos. With Destiny 2 arriving soon people have torn apart all of the gameplay video and screen captures. Most cover a leak of information that announced that all subclasses but Bladedancer, Sunsinger, and Defender are returning. Byf goes into some really detailed info about it on his YouTube video.

There has been a lot of talk about gun modifications some say yes, others say no. It’s all speculation to see what comes out during the final Destiny 2 product. It is weird to see a New Monarchy weapon painted green when they usually stick to red. I hope that this does come through and allows you to equip something like a laser sight, better magazine, silencer, or different scope. If it is just a weapons skin I don’t mind that either.

There has been a lot of rumors about akimbo weapons possibly coming to Destiny 2. I believe that this speculation is off. Bungie will have enough difficulty maintaining weapons tuning for single weapons alone. Some Guardians are really excited for this potential. I, on the other hand, will wait for further proof before I jump on the akimbo train. Another surprising feature which has people stumped is the “Season 1” text on the clan page. There are thoughts between ranked PvP all the way to if the clan rank will reset after the season.

I am not quite sure what will happen when it comes to those topics currently. What I do love and enjoy is the excitement of the community and the lovely brainstorming we have been doing so far.


Waiting for E3

For now, we shall wait again until E3 to see what it has in store for us. We will catch back up with any new info post E3. Here’s to hoping that I might catch a couple of you there and grab some juicy news.

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