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Destiny 2 – Empowering Clans & Community


From Bungie Live Stream


Destiny 2 Utilizing Clans Effectively

Destiny has become a very social game due to the requirements for raids, nightfall’s, strikes, PvP, etc. Clans usually foster teamwork and comradery but have not always been used effectively during past years of Destiny. We as a community are stuck using third party sites or applications to find additional players. This can always be a stressful situation for individuals trying to find a group. Bungie’s live stream opened up saying that only fifty percent of the community were able to complete endgame content. Many Guardians have had to struggle to keep groups together or find a consistent time for their group to come together. Bungie has realized that they could make this a more robust feature in Destiny 2 to make it easier for individuals to find potential clans of their own.


Destiny 2 Clans Become a Cornerstone

Many of us have made friends or joined clans to play with the people we enjoy playing Destiny with. Currently, clans in Destiny are just a roster list on your social tab. In Destiny 2 will have an official in-game clan support features to make it easier to find, grow, and complete objectives as a group. Some of the new features that are built into Destiny 2 are level reward system and guided games.


Guilds Can Be Rewarding

From a screen capture of the Bungie live stream shows us an overview of what the new clan page will look like. It will have a roster just like Destiny has now, but as you can see there are several other changes to that page. The biggest one that stands out the most is the “Clan Level” in the middle of the image. I am not sure how high this level cap will be or what rewards will be earned. I believe this feature will definitely help bring clans together to accomplish tasks that will benefit the clan.

Clan Page

Other things that stand out in this image is the customization of the clan. Just like in Destiny 1 groups pages you will have the overall name of the clan, but below that will allow a small caption describing the clan. Each clan will have a customizable banner, which you have a potential to carry around in game on your character.

The clan size limit has yet to be announced for Destiny 2, during Destiny 1 it was at a previous 100 Guardians per clan per platform. Good news is if you have a solid clan in Destiny 1 it will be migrated over to Destiny 2. So, feel free to start searching now for clans. Bungie has been featuring new clans on their web page for those people interested in finding a potential clan to call home.


Seasons Possibly Coming to Clans

The last little thing that stood out to me of the clan page image is the word “Season 1”. Now, this has a lot of speculation coming with it so feel free to comment back with your thoughts. Seasons could mean a number of things. Some video games use these seasons to gauge and rank players in PvP. While others use this as a timed window in which to earn rewards. Either way, I think that this is an exciting new way to keep the guild activity up and players interested in the game. This may bring many branches of opportunity to the future of potential ranked PvP matches or competitive modes.


Guided Games – Matchmaking Made Easier

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