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Danger Zone 2 Review (PS4, Xbox, PC)

Danger Zone 2

There is something mesmerizing about vehicular carnage. Car accidents are strange moments, as no matter how violent and tragic they are, we cannot look away. In real life, they are terrible moments, but in movies and video games, there is a stunning amount of work done to produce a great cinema style car crash, leaving to unforgettable scenes, such as the spectacular ending to the Steve McQueen’s pursuers in Bullit. That level of cinematic destruction leads to the creation of Danger Zone, from Three Fields Entertainment. Released in 2016, Danger Zone was a short, but satisfying arcade game that solely focused on the art of making the biggest vehicular car crash possible. Now, two years later, Danger Zone 2 is out, and it is better than ever.

Three Fields Entertainment, the developers of Danger Zone 2, was founded by a small team consisting of members who formerly worked on EA’s Burnout franchise. The franchise, well-known for its sheer vehicular carnage and sensations of speed, was also known for the infamous “crash mode.” In this mode, players were encouraged to slam their vehicle into crowded intersections as fast and hard as humanly possible. The purpose was to get the highest score by destroying as many vehicles as can be destroyed. The team translated those mechanics in Danger Zone 2 and created a unique experience.

Danger Zone 2 is solely an arcade experience. There is no storyline or narrative, other than the experience you make on your own. Over multiple scenes, each with several stages, players will drive a multitude of vehicles across various stages, from airports to deserts to freeways, and highways. Each level is arranged completely differently from the other, but the goal remains the same, and that is to destroy absolutely everything. To do this, players need to focus on speed, control, and where to slam their vehicle. After hitting a certain amount of vehicles, players will be able to activate their smashbreaker, which activates a massive explosion in your car. The explosion sends your car skyward, allowing you to control it on your decent towards other cars.

Additionally, there will be “cash grabs”, which are glowing money signs that will increase your score. Players that grab these items are in for a big money boost, which will increase their score. A new additional to Danger Zone 2 is also the ability to complete bonus objectives, which range from speed boost chains to knocking cars off the road.  Danger Zone 2 has online leaderboards to compete with to keep players on their toes.

Compared to the first Danger Zone, Danger Zone 2 is a stronger game. While the first game took place in a crash-test arena, Danger Zone 2 take place in the open-doors, with different environments and various perspectives to complete objectives. New to Danger Zone 2 are completing bonus objectives, which will also help players Each mission will also give players different vehicles to use, from performance cars, traditional sedans, a semi-truck, and even an F-1 racer. The feeling of slamming your car into oncoming traffic is incredibly exciting and seeing the particle effects of roaring explosions is quite satisfying. Danger Zone 2 has a smooth sensation of speed and velocity. When players drive fast, they feel that speed. Furthermore, the crash physics are sharp and filled with depth. Players will see and feel the crunch of metal as they impact other vehicles and obstacles.

As a quick arcade game, Danger Zone 2 works very well, but it could use a few more improvements. Players will be able to breeze through the stages, though the game does challenge those eager for the coveted platinum medals to keep replaying each stage. There is no multiplayer component or split-screen gameplay. While these features would make Danger Zone 2 an even better package, the game is a solid experience, and great for those who want to simply pick something up and play.

Danger Zone 2 is a very solid successor to the first Danger Zone. The diverse landscapes, refined speed, and sheer destructibility return, with new objectives and a solid degree of polish and refinement. Sometimes, all that is needed is a quick game to smash things and see the wonders of a cinematic-style car crash. Danger Zone 2 delivers on that, becoming an exciting game of vehicular mayhem.

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