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D&D-214: Episode One, The Adventure Begins!

Did you miss out on the very first episode of D&D-214? Not to fret as we got you covered. We will be uploading episodes weekly to our YouTube channel so that you can keep up to date on episodes you missed and stay in the loop on the story!

What is D&D-214?

It is our weekly roleplaying session using the Dungeons and Dragons ruleset. It features a group of veterans from various branches of service coming together to share a night of gaming. The game is dungeon mastered by the civilian of the group, Skatch so that these veterans can enjoy the experience and the challenge together as a group!

You can tune in every Friday night at 9 pm EST on Twitch.TV/StackUpDotOrg for exciting new episodes and if you miss one we will keep our YouTube channel updated with the most recent episodes so make sure to follow us there in case you miss a week!

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