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conga master hands pax west 2016

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Rhythm games and party games have been blending genres and making new experiences for players for years. Titles like Crypt of the Necrodancer show that you can take the general premise of gameplay-infused rhythm into a roguelike dungeon crawler. With Conga Master, the spacial restrictions of the titular conga line will test your abilities and prove who the real King of Konga is.

Blending the likes of calculator classic Snake with the skeleton of a rhythm game makes Conga Master a fun, if brief, experience. As you pick off singular dancers, you circle them for long enough for them to join your conga line. The longer your line gets, the easier it gets for you to ensnare other unwitting dancers into your melodic, mesmerizing conga line. If you manage to cut off the opponent’s conga line, their line will get shorter, and anyone they lost is up for grabs – all within the rhythmic tunes of conga.

From here, there are small intricacies to spice the game up. Pigs can stink up the joint, but they’ll usually lay low in a disguise. Dancers will get mad if you bump directly into them. You have a boost that makes you faster while limiting the control you have over turns. It’s a fun little party game, and there are sure to be further modes and gameplay diversions in the future.

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