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Claws of Furry – Pouncing This Spring

Claws of Furry plans to show us what an amazing time you can have while fighting like cats and dogs in their new action co-op game. What could possibly be better than fighting through a level, causing all kinds of mayhem while using only your fists and claws in order to rescue your Master from the claws of the unknown, but evil boss? Why, fighting through fifty levels to do it, of course. Even better than that though, you will be able to have up to three other friends tag along with you.

Claws of Furry

Terahard Studios has brought us an action arcade game with different environments and unique monsters to give us a constantly evolving challenge. Test your ninja-cat reflexed on the multiple game modes and unlockable outfits to see exactly how much chaos you can create. Though, a word of warning, the beautifully designed and hand-painted artwork could get more than a little distracting.

Claws of Furry will attack Xbox One, Steam, and the Nintendo Switch come this Spring so stay tuned to plan your attack!

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