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City of Brass – Step Into A Cursed Arabian Labyrinth at PAX East

City of Brass

Beneath the endless deserts of the Arabian Peninsula lies untold fortunes and deadly secrets. From Uppercut Games comes a new take on roguelike First-Person shooters that puts players in a cursed city from the pages of Arabian Nights. This new wild adventure is known as City of Brass, where players will fight through a deadly supernatural curse in search of fortune and glory. Uppercut Games will be attending PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, and for those lucky enough to be visiting the convention, they will be bringing City of Brass to the PAX RISING booth at number 13121.

City of Brass is the latest project from Australia-based Uppercut Games. The studio has had a strong degree of game development, most particularly having released the critically acclaimed mobile games, EPOCH, and its sequel, EPOCH 2. The team was also responsible for the family-themed aquatic adventure, Submerged. With City of Brass, the team is shaking things, delivering a completely different and remarkable gaming experience.

City of Brass places players as a lowly street rat in the heart of a wealthy city. Suddenly, a great evil erupts in the city, and the streets are soon teeming with supernatural beasts and blood-thirsty mutant warriors. With the entire city affected, players are left to fend for themselves, armed only with a scimitar and a whip.

However, both weapons have mystical powers bestowed upon them and will give players a fighting chance. While the scimitar is a sharp, deadly weapon, mastering the whip is absolutely essential. The whip can trap, stun, subdue, shatter, and grab enemies.

Players will not have much time, as each level is a race against the sands of time. Players must defeat enemies, loot treasure chests, and obtain upgrades before the sands of time run out. Expect to die repeatedly, but each time, you will be one step closer to your goal.

City of Brass is available now on Steam Early Access but will be fully launching in 2018. City of Brass will also be launching for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018 as well.

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