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Cities Skylines Heads To The PlayStation 4

It may seem as a big surprise, but city-building games, as made famous in titles such as Sim City and Tropico 5, are still extremely popular, especially among the Steam community. The customizable features, attention to details, and the feedback of endless possibilities keep players constantly engaged.

Among these fascinating games is an incredibly popular title, known as Cities Skylines. This week, Swedish game developers Paradox Interactive, also known for their breath-taking tactical space combat game, Stellaris, have announced that Cities Skylines is making its way to the PlayStation 4.

In Cities Skylines, players don the suit and tie of the mayor. What the city, how it is, and what it represents is entirely up to you. Players will build their city from the ground-up, managing money, finances, and engineering skills to create the city of their dreams.  Players can build a full-fledged metropolis, with mass-transit systems, scientific institutions, theaters, shop,s and much more. Among similar titles, the big goal of Cities Skylines is to embrace the joy of big building, making power, easy-to-use tools.

Cities Skylines

Originally released in 2015, the game has been greatly praised for its accessibility and playability, as well as its deep customizable options. As the SIM franchise has essentially been retired and with the next Tropico still some time away, Cities Skylines has filled an important void in the video game world and has kept the city-building genre alive.

The PlayStation 4 version of Cities Skylines will feature all of the content released for the game thus far, including the upcoming ” After Dark” expansion for the game. Most importantly, the game will be contro-friendly, a difficult but impressive task for games of this particular genre.

Cities Skylines will arrive on the PlayStation 4 sometime soon.

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