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chaotic shooter rive release date announced

It is impossible to fathom that any gamer would not enjoy a game featuring larger-than-life explosions and frenzied chaotic action. You can’t do this kind of thing anywhere else, so of course, why not enjoy it in a game? This is where RIVE comes in, the newest, and final game, from Two Tribes Games. RIVE is a 2D action and explosive shooter, complete with many enemies, amazing weapons, and a hell of a fight.

Taking place on a spaceship loaded with robots, your objective is to escape and blow up everything along the way. In addition to rapid shooting and jumping, players will also hack robotic enemies to aid them in combat. Running at 60 FPS, expect the game to be incredibly fast and fluid , with tremendous explosions and victories that occur on the edge of your seat. The game will feature a full soundtrack and voice work as well.

RIVE is the concluding chapter to Two Tribes games, a small studio that has been dedicated to making smaller, but well-received games, such as Worms 2: Uncharted Warfare, and Toki Tori. RIVE has been meant as a Magnum Opus for the team, as the game’s earliest stages can be traced back to 2005, when the game was in development for the DS and featured time-reversal mechanics. Of Course, it has gone through a tremendous overhaul and is ready for release.

Look for Rive to land on September 13th for the PlayStation 4 and Windows platforms.

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