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CAT LADY On Steam Early Access

CAT LADY has hit

Steam Early Access just in time for everyone’s favorite Spooktacular holiday of the Season.

Rose City Games, currently on the development of VIZ Media‘s second video game, are anticipating a launch date sometime in Spring of 2020 for CAT LADY.

Are you a fan of fantabulous and amazing artwork, spooky monsters, games with roguelike action and most importantly, cats, and more cats? What about upgradeable cats?

If so, this game is probably right up your alley.

Here is where you come in; as a Steam Early Access player, you would be a major asset to the CAT LADY community while helping them with your insights to add the finishing touches to finalize the game.

In the Steam Early Access version of CAT LADY, you are granted admittance to numerous and unique areas of Grandma’s mansion. Here, you are matched with many a spooky enemy to test yourself against and with adorable cats aplenty to help you along the way. You will also have upgrades that you can mix and match to make your cats more formidable opponents and will be given updates every month as well as patches as Early Access for CAT LADY evolves. On top of all this, anyone who is involved with CAT LADY’s Early Access is granted access to the final version of the game upon official release.

To add to all this, if you have yet to check out THE WORLD NEXT DOOR, which is an award-winning game that incorporates puzzle battles of a lightning-fast speed with elements from the visual novel genre, now is the ideal time to do so as you can grab both games at a bundled discount of $11.68.

In short, be sure to check out CAT LADY on Steam Early Access and let us know what you think!

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