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Calling All Veterans – Show Us Your Rig

To everyone in the Veteran community, we want to see your Stream Rig (Twitch, Mixer, ECT…)!

We know Veterans love to game, if they didn’t we wouldn’t have anyone to send all these awesome Supply Crates out too! We also know there are some amazing Veterans out there who love to do the streaming thing!

Right now we have some gear in the office that we feel could up some streamers game. So we are asking all of you to “Show Us Your Rig”!

Let’s see those streaming set ups, both large and small, spectacular and humble. We here at Stack-Up may just hit you up with a Logitech Gaming Package with some extra goodies, take a look.

  1. ModMic5 from Antlion Audio

  2. Web Around Green Screen

  3. Logitech Orion Spectrum Keyboard

  4. Logitech Artemis Spectrum Headset

  5. Logitech Chaos Spectrum Mouse

So remember folks Stack Up and show us your streaming gear by tagging us on Twitter @StackUpDotOrg with a screen shot of your streaming kit and make sure to give us a follow if you haven’t already. You just might get some awesome swag thanks to the help of our awesome partners!

*Remember entry is for Veterans Only and proof of service will be required to claim any prize offered.

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