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Call to Arms 8bit Fundraising Rewards - 2023

Call to Arms VII was another goal exceeding year with streamers reaching over $656k in funds for our programs. Streamers raised enough to sponsor 265 Supply Crates, 21 PC Vetrofit Crates, and 2 air assault trips. Plenty of fundraisers even referred 28 of their viewers to our Overwatch Program for mental health crisis intervention.

Thank you to everyone who participated, with your help Stack Up will continue growing our programs and supporting Veterans and Active Duty Military around the world through the power of gaming!

Are you ready to find out your incentives for 2023? This year's theme is Year 8bit. Many of our staff have been around in gaming since the early days. We're throwing back to those early days of yore when our love of gaming began. If you're ready to begin earning these incentives, hit the button below to get started:

With our theme this year, we've handpicked out some rewards we thought were really cool and fit with the theme of 8bit. We hope that through these types of rewards, the communities that help us raise funds for our events and programs are able to see the direct result of their fundraising efforts. It is also important to note that for the physical rewards, the streamer is free to do what they wish with them. They can give them to a Veteran in their community, give them away to the highest donations, or keep them to show off their support of Stack Up.

*All rewards are subject to change based on availability and design

Tier 1 - $50:

Call to Arms 8bit Keychain

This Stack Up Rex themed keychain is ready to go with you wherever you journey.

Tier 2 - $200:

Call to Arms 8bit T-Shirt

Call to Arms 8bit logo T-shirt. These are a special limited edition each year!

Tier 3 - $500:

Digital Dinosaur Toy

Fitting in with our theme of 8bit, why not have your very own digital pet to take care of? Rex hopes you take care of it!

Tier 4 - $1,000:

Supply Crate Sponsorship + Redshirt

Your efforts will help us send out a Supply Crate full of the latest and greatest gaming gear. We will include a special "Thank You!" note to the troops from you and your community! We will also keep you up to date on any replies from the recipient of your sponsored Supply Crate.

You'll be able to show off your Stack Up association with one of our Redshirts! Wear it proudly.

Tier 5 - $2,500:

Stack Up 8bit Jersey

Show off your gaming skills in this custom Stack Up Call to Arms VII logo jersey. Perfect for wearing out to an event or posing on stream.

Tier 6 - $3,000:

2nd Supply Crate Sponsorship

A 2nd Supply Crate will be sent out in the name of you and your community. We will send you any response we receive from the recipient to share with your community!

Tier 7 - $5,000:

Stack Up Custom Dice Set

These Norse Foundry custom die will be perfect for showing off at your next game night. Yes, they're in the customary Stack Up red.

Tier 8 - $7,500:

Custom Gamertag Light

Throw this HSBC Custom PC Gamertag Light in the background of your streams or put it around your house as reminder of all the good work you've done to support Veterans and Active Military connecting through gaming.

Tier 9 - $10,000:

Phalanx House Trip Sponsorship

The Stack Up Phalanx House is our home for Veteran gamers. Currently serving Veterans in the L.A. area, we provide local Vets with a place to hang out with other gamers, relax, and connect them with services they need.

Tier 10 - $25,000:

Air Assault Sponsorship

Your efforts will allow us to arrange a full Air Assault experience! We will include a special “Thank You!” note from you and your community for the Veterans you have sponsored. The Air Assaults will be provided event T-Shirts with your logo on the sleeve. You will receive a photo from the event featuring all of the Air Assaults sponsored for that event.

*The Veterans benefiting from Air Assault and Supply Crate rewards will be selected by Stack-Up.Org through our established sign-up process.

**Rewards are subject to change based on economic factors, shipping issues and world changes.

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