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Call To Arms 2018 Rewards

Call To Arms

This November, streamers, and gamers from all over will be Stacking Up to answer the Call To Arms! Thanks to the efforts of these amazing supporters, Stack Up is able to continue its mission to support active duty service members and veterans with the awesome power of gaming.

There is still time for you to sign up and get involved. You can find all the information you need to Stack Up and get involved in the link below!

We are also happy to announce our Call To Arms rewards for 2018. We have a mix of rewards that benefit the streamer who is putting in the amazing effort to support Stack Up as well as some awesome rewards that allow the streamer and their community to be a bit more involved in our mission. It is our hope, that through these type of rewards, the communities that help us to raise funds for our events and programs are able to see the direct result of their fundraising efforts.

It is also important to note, that for the physical rewards, the streamer is free to do what they wish with them. They can give them to a veteran in their community, they can give them away to the highest donations, or they can keep them for themselves. It really is up to you and what works best for your community.

$50 – XBox Game Pass 1 Year Subscription! 

  1. Play your favorite Microsoft games as much as you want for a full year!

$200 – Stack-Up “Call To Arms” T-Shirt**

  1. Let everyone know you can Stack Up with the best of them with your very own Call To Arms T-Shirt!

$500 – Stack Up Hoodie**

  1. Stand out from the crowd with your own Stack Up branded zippered hoodie!.

$1000 – Sponsor a Supply Crate*

  1. Your efforts will help us send out a Supply Crate full of the latest and greatest gaming gear.

  2. We will include a special Thank You note to the troops from you and your community!

$1500 – Stack Up Challenge Coin**

  1. Prove that you know how to Stack Up with the best of them with you very own Stack Up Challenge Coin!

$3000 – Sponsor an Air Assault*

  1. Your efforts will help us send one veteran to a gaming/geek convention!

  2. We will include a special “Thank You” note from you and your community for the Veteran you have sponsored.

  3. You will also receive a pic from the sponsored veteran during the event.

$5000 – DX Racer Chair**

  1. Game in comfort with an amazing DX Racer gaming chair!

  2. Make/model and color of chair to be determined.

$10000 – Sponsor an Air Assault trip*

  1. Your efforts will allow us to arrange a full Air Assault experience!

  2. We will include a special “Thank You” note from you and your community for the Veterans you have sponsored.

  3. The Air Assaults will be provided event T-Shirts with your logo on the sleeve.

  4. You will receive a photo from the event featuring all of the Air Assaults sponsored for that event.

*The Veterans benefiting from Air Assault and Supply Crate rewards will be selected by Stack-Up.Org through our established sign up process. 

** Physical rewards can only be shipped within the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska..sorry! 

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