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call arms sign up step step guide

So you want to sign up for Call To Arms and set up your own donation page? Awesome, and thank you for Stacking Up in support of the troops! Before you can get out there and get your fundraising event underway you need to get signed up on our fundraising partner Tiltify and create your own Call To Arms donation page. You want to make sure that your donations are being tracked, right?

Step One: Visit the Call To Arms landing page located here —–>

Once there you will click on the button that says “Become a Fundraiser”


Step Two: On the next page, you will sign in with your Tiltify log-in information or create a new account.


Step Three: As a new user you will need to create a Tiltify account (existing Tiltify users can skip to Step Four.)


And just a bit more information…


Step Four: If you are going it alone, select the “Individual Campaign” button. If you are part of a Team, click on the “Team Campaign” button (your Team Leader should have further information). Don’t forget to add in your Twitch Channel or other streaming details!


Step Five: Here you will name your fundraising campaign and set your goal! You can set the goal to whatever you would like and think you can reach; remember, anyone who raises over $150 during the Stack-Up Call to Arms will get a Stack-Up event shirt! You will also set your campaign start and end date. You can set it up for a one time event or leave the campaign running until the end of the year. Remember Call To Arms is a year long event, most folks set it for the end of the year so they can come back around for Veterans Day in November or any other times they have available to raise money for the troops! You will also be able to post a description of your campaign. It is always a good idea to let people know why you are raising money and what means to you.


Step Six: You will then be brought to your campaign overview and dashboard. From here you will be able to see all the information about your Stack-Up.Org fundrasing campaign. You only have one last step before your Call To Arms campaign is live and that is to hit the publish button…


That’s it! You are now all set up and ready for Call To Arms! Remember to use the hashtag #CallToArms on social media so we can help spread the word of your fundraising efforts. Thank you for choosing to support Stack-Up.Org and its mission to support US, NATO and ANZAC veterans with gaming!

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