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call arms makeup weekend recap

This past weekend, May 14th & 15th was the Stack Up Call To Arms makeup weekend. A second chance at a day of marathon gaming in support of Stack Up and helps to fund our video gaming programs, whether it’s sending giant supply crates full of gaming consoles to an Infantry company in Afghanistan, flying deserving veterans to E3 or a Penny Arcade Expo, or even helping out local Stacks do on-base events for families of deployed service members.

We wish to take a moment to thank all of the many streamers who came out in support of Stack Up! It was a fantastic day of fun and gaming all in the name of supporting our troops! Some of the fantastic teams and individual streamers include”¦

Of course, there are many other folks who came out in support of Call To Arms and we thank you all! Your efforts mean so much to so many people and allows Stack-Up.Org to fulfill its mission. Sometimes, a moment comes along at just the right time that helps to remind us all of that mission and why we Stack Up.

This past weekend that reminder came in the form of a very touching and humble moment from the stream of the Game Case aka Cuddles. The Game Case was gracious enough to upload this very personal story and share it with all of us.

The words of Stack-Up.Org founder Stephen Machuga sums up the thoughts of many of us”¦

“Tearing up here. I just want to help everyone, and sometimes, even what you do is just not enough.” “We win, we lose, we keep on fighting.”

Thank you so much for sharing that poignant moment. Thanks to all the amazing people who support the efforts of Stack-Up.Org and thanks to every single member of our Armed Forces for their courage and sacrifice.

We are veterans. We are civilians. We are gamers. And above all, we are family.

That is why we STACK UP!

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