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call arms makeup may 14th

This past weekend’s event for Stack-Up raised almost $35,000 in 24 hours! What an amazing accomplishment and we want to thank each and every one of the streamers who came out in support of Stack-Up and Call To Arms!

However, we know sometimes schedules can get in the way and prevent those who want to participate from doing so. With that in mind, we hope you will join us next Saturday, May 14th for our official Call To Arms make up day!

Get in on the action like some of these folks!

We also have a handy fact and information sheet that will help you with your Call To Arms streaming events. Click on the link below to get info on where you can find Stack-Up on social media, on Twitch, and of course Discord! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CallToArms so we can share the word of your efforts.


Lastly, we still have our Sound The Call contest continuing on for another few days. Head on over and enter for your chance at a Xbox One, a PlayStation 4 or a $350 Steam Gift Card! Plus doing so help spread the word of Call To Arms and what could be better than that!


We hope you will Stack Up and join us for the Call To Arms makeup day this Saturday! Keep an eye out on our social media accounts for updates all day/weekend long and we will see you online!

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