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Butcher- Slaughter The Last Humans – Out Now For PS4 and Xbox One

We have heard the same tried-and-true story of man versus machine. From I, Robot to The Terminator, we have seen humans fight a never-ending struggle to protect humanity in the face of a vicious enemy of metal, circuitry, and efficient killing. However, it’s time the tables have turned.

Fresh off the release of Lichtspeer, Crunching Koalas is bringing their next big radical idea, in the form of an incredibly ferocious but amazingly fun shooter, Butcher.


In Butcher, computers, and cybernetic parts have made you all the better. There is no need to worry about diseases, fatigue, age, and of course, you can make a billion calculations in a matter of seconds. This also happens to make you an incredibly merciless killing machine. With that, it has been determined that that the age of mankind has finally come to an end. Your mission, as a cold, calculating cyborg, is to descend to Earth and finish off what is left of humanity.

Players will trek across various levels, through caves, battlefields, volcanos, and all sorts of terrain through the devastated Earth. As the game is inspired by the savage, R-Rated action games of the 1990’s, be prepared to dish out devastation and emotionless doom to your enemies, while likely dying quite a bit in the process.

Players are encouraged to get creative with their kills. Players will have access to an incredible array of cyberpunk weaponry that will be effective in dispensing cyborg justice. From chainsaws to railguns, an entire arsenal of guns is at your disposal. You can use the environment to further punish your enemies by throwing them on hooks or pushing them into lava. However, be prepared to get crushed by doors, become piranha food, and much much more.

Look for Butcher out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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