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boston stacks up with gears of war 4


Stack-Up’s Boston chapter will be holding its first event this Friday, 10-14 at the Natick Mall. With Gears of War 4 finally out on the shelves, it’s time to dust off your Lancer and face your friends in our Gears 4 Tournament!

Our friends at the Microsoft Store have provided everything we need to break in the new game, including eight separate game cases to allow 4 vs. 4 matches! Registration for the first round of matches will begin at 5:00pm, which can give you up to an hour of practice time before the tournament starts at 6. Depending on the turnout, there will be up to 13 Escalation matches to determine the top three players. Everyone gets a free gift regardless of placing, along with all the pizza, and Halloween candy you can eat! Of course, there will be plenty of Stack-Up swag to help raise awareness of our charity.

The tournament will be held in the Microsoft store inside the Natick Mall (1245 Worcester Street). Head through the Nordstrom entrance on the first floor, and the store should be down the hall to your left, just before the staircase. While you’re there, be sure to check out some of the game demos the Microsoft team has set up, including the new Vive VR set right at the door. Try to beat my Space Pirates record while you’re waiting for your match; I got to Wave 7 on my first try!

So whether you’re a hardcore COG vet or a noob just looking for a good time, head on over to our Gears 4 Tournament this Friday, starting at 5:00pm.

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