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Best Friends Forever Now Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch

Good things come to those who wait, and for those eagerly awaiting a dating simulator unlike any other, the wait has finally arrived. Today, Best Friends Forever from Starcolt Games has arrived onto Steam and Nintendo Switch, giving everyone to find love in a new country, but unlike other dating simulators, they have a furry companion to train with that will be essential to unlocking the power of love in a brand new city.

Best Friends Forever is a dating simulator and visual novel, focusing on your life in a new country, ready to meet new people. Things can be rather lonely in a brand new country and thousands of miles away from home. A furry companion may very well be everything you need to break the ice with new friends. Life isn't so simple, especially with a dog. That young pup is counting on you to be a friend and companion, hoping to learn new tricks and tune in to the frequency of your emotions. In the process of training your new doggo, there is a path of communication that opens up with other humans and their own pups. Perhaps, in the friendship, something more can grow, and whatever that becomes can be everything you have ever wanted in another human.

I had the chance to play Best Friends Forever last year at PAX WEST 2019 in Seattle Washington, thanks to lead designer Lucy Morris. I found the game to be incredibly heartwarming, even in its earlier state at the time. The visuals were solid and vibrant. The designs of the character and humans were engaging and immersive, with a solid music score accompanying this new journey. Most importantly, the dogs are aplenty in Best Friends Forever, and their designs are aesthetically pleasing, especially for dog owners. An important feature was the use of various inclusivity options, including pronoun choice. The training regimen for my dog was also displayed, indicating that training your dog and caring for it is essential, perhaps more important than dating the local singles. While my time was short, Best Friends Forever showed ambitious signs of being more than just a dating simulator, but a simulator with an important story to tell within its hearts. Humans have been companions to dogs for thousands of years, and in 2020, we have needed them more than ever. Dogs bring out the best in us, but also allow users to cope and heal with the darkest of wounds. Service dogs help those needing special accommodations. In the case of Stack Up, and its mission to help veterans, dogs have been invaluable in helping veterans cope and heal after a tour of duty. Best Friends Forever hopes to be a wonderful escape for players, inviting players to love whoever they want and bring their doggo with them along for the joys of a new life in a new city.

Best Friends Forever is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

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