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Attack of the Earthlings – Invading Steam on February 8th

Attack of the Earthlings blends some of my all-time favorite things. Who doesn’t love a bit of Sci-Fi mixed with British humor mashed together in a turn-based strategy game that has you on an Alien planet with the Earthlings trying to invade YOUR planet?

Humans running a dysfunctional energy corporation seek to use your home, Planet X13 to drill for fossil fuels, hunt big bugs and sip on margaritas. (The nerve…as if corporations would do any such thing.) Unfortunately for them, this last escapade flattened the home of the Swarmer species and the Swarmers are none too happy about it.

Swarmers are an insectoid species, very aggressive, and need human flesh to convert into alien muscle, which will, in turn, allow them to evolve their units and stop the invasion of those pesky humans.

Attack of the Earthlings boasts an original soundtrack by composer Mikolai Stroinski, for those of you familiar with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Team Junkfish plans to invade Steam with Attack of the Earthlings on February 8th.


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