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Announcing: Call to Arms 8bit LIVE!

We're on our way to Veterans Day! This also means our Call to Arms LIVE event is on the horizon. We've selected a great array of streamers to join us for a 10-hour marathon event made up of silly games, giveaways, and all for the cause of raising funds to support Stack Up's programs. Last year, WintersWolfCry upset the competition by taking out EdgarAlanBro right before the semifinals, then took home the championship.

Call to Arms LIVE will be broadcast on the Stack Up Twitch channel on Friday, November 11th, at 12 PM PST and end at 8 PM PST.

What is Call to Arms LIVE? Call to Arms LIVE is our annual Veterans Day event in which we bring together some of your favorite content creators to play games and raise money to benefit Active Duty service members and Veterans through Stack Up's programs.

Who will be participating in our biggest event of the year? Read all about them below!

WintersWolfcry | 2022 Champion | Twitch

WintersWolfcry is a Canadian variety streamer who is all about those positive vibes. WintersWolfcry has been a longtime supporter of Stack Up and is 2022's Call to Arms LIVE! Champion. He's back to reaffirm his spot as champion in the Call to Arms LIVE! 2023. You can read about Supply Crates he's sponsored on this page.

EdgarAlanBroLive | 2021, 2020 Champion | Twitch

Two-time Call to Arms LIVE! Champion EdgarAlanBro is making his return for vengeance! He's sponsored several Supply Crates in his support of Stack Up and is currently employed as one of our seasonal Influencer Relations Team members. Check out Supply Crates he has sponsored here.

DreamWarrior | Twitch

DreamWarrior has supported Stack Up for years and has always been a mental health advocate. He's participated in two previous Call to Arms LIVE! events in 2021 and 2022. He puts on a great production when streaming on his channel. If you want to know more about this pretty awesome guy, one of our Influencer Relations Team members wrote up a spotlight all about him.

FrostLouve | Twitch

FrostLouve is a horror and variety streamer and cosplayer. She dresses up in some pretty fantastic cosplays for some of her streams. She joined Stack Up for our Call to Arms LIVE! event in 2022 and was knocked out in the first round by former champion EdgarAlanBro. Through her fundraising, she's sponsored a couple of Supply Crates, which you can read here.

igotPuppies | Twitch

igotPuppies is a full-time content creator on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube. He calls his community members his Pup Club. He joined Stack Up for the 2022 Call to Arms LIVE! event, taking a knockout by FallDownGoBoom. He's also sponsored a number of Supply Crates, one of which you can read all about here.

Unoraptormon | Twitch

Unoraptormon is a sci-fi/fantasy and horror author who has recently streamed games like Dave the Diver. She's already made it to 2023's Wall of Heroes, raising funds to sponsor a Supply Crate. This year is her first Call to Arms LIVE! event.

GryphonAMX | Twitch

GryphonAMX has been one of Stack Up's earliest supporters and, through his efforts, has raised more than $57k to support our programs. He's a fan of shooters, RPGs, and racing games. If you want to get to know more about him and just how much his support has done for Stack Up, check out our Call to Arms Spotlight on him.

NerdySenpai | Twitch

NerdySenpai discovered Stack Up while attending a convention and met IRT Manager PerkyDaisy, then signed up to fundraise for the Call to Arms. She raised over $10k in her first charity event. Why did she answer the Call to Arms? To support Veterans she has in her own life, as she told us in her Call to Arms Spotlight.

DarlinSincerest | Twitch

DarlinSincerest is an Army Veteran and variety streamer whose recent streams have been games such as Overwatch 2 and Escape from Tarkov. She's made it onto 2023's Wall of Heroes, and this year is their first Call to Arms LIVE! event.

FallDownGoBoom | Twitch

FallDownGoBoom is a "zombie killer supreme" with 100s of hours invested in State of Decay 2. He's recently played games such as Hunt: Showdown and Boo Men. He participated in 2022's Call to Arms LIVE! event, making it to the semifinals before Moosey took him down. Let's see how far he gets this year!

LisJustice | Twitch

LisJustice is the narwhal queen of Vtubers who recently played Elden Ring but also plays games such as Sea of Thieves. She's previously been on Stack Up's 2022 Wall of Heroes and is joining us this year for her first Call to Arms LIVE! event.

Morgan Tremaine | Twitch

Morgan Tremaine joined Stack Up last year to host our 2022 Call to Arms LIVE event. He did a fundraiser and made enough to sponsor a Supply Crate, whose deployed recipient sent Stack Up a video of herself opening up her gaming care package. We posted the video to TikTok, which helped us reach more Veterans and actively deployed troops.

LordlyKingSDot | Twitch

LordlyKingSDot is a Veteran who plays games like Final Fantasy XIV Online but has also recently streamed Cities: Skylines II. He's sponsored a couple of Supply Crates, one of whose recipients can be read about here. 2023's Call to Arms LIVE! event will be his first.

DjSoundStorm | Twitch

Army Veteran DJSoundStorm became a DJ after 13 years of Military service. He plays games such as Armored Core VI and Escape from Tarkov but also streams himself producing music from time to time. He's on the 2022 Wall of Heroes. The 2023 Call to Arms LIVE! event will be his charity championship debut.

ProjectDits | Twitch

ProjectDits is part of the Neon Knights Stream Team and the CEOs of Screams, a team of streamers who play horror games galore! He's made it to this year's Wall of Heroes, fundraising enough to sponsor a Supply Crate. 2023's Call to Arms LIVE! event will be his first.

Not available to watch on Veterans Day, but want to support Stack Up? Spread the word! Share this article or the above graphic and our Twitch channel link ( or donate. We're at $370k towards our $600k overall goal for 2023. Let's show the power of gaming for yet another year of Stack Up!

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