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Air Assaults – Stacking Up at San Diego Comic Con!

Hold on Red Shirts it is about to get a lot geekier around here! Stack-Up is making our first Air Assault trip to San Diego Comic Con! Each year thousands of geeks flock to the sunny shores of San Diego to partake in all things, nerd! Geek culture will be on full display from comics and games, film and TV, cosplay and more.

It is four days celebrating what we all love and Stack-Up is bringing along some amazing Veterans as Air Assaults to join in on all the fun! Keep reading to learn a bit more about these awesome Vets and their love of comics!


Justin Tyler Gorsage Favorite Comics/Characters: Punisher, Daredevil, Hulk, Batman, Superman. Favorite Movies/Shows: Punisher(Netflix), Daredevil(Netflix,) Avengers, All the new Marvel and D.C. Movies. Favorite Artists/Writers/etc: Alan Moore, Rob Liefeld, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby

Hey there! My name is Justin Gorsage and I am a prior service Marine infantrymen. In 2007 I enlisted and did 2 combat tours with 1st BN 2nd Marines. While deployed, gaming helped keep us entertained and distracted from the reality around us. Our First Sergeant, in Iraq, bought a gaming system just for us and bought some games for us to play on our down time. I remember it being a very big relief to know I had “Rock Hero” to play after I got done on patrol. I still play games sometimes and still, it’s a good escape from reality, and an awesome way to spend your downtime.

Comics have impacted me positively both in and out of the military and remind me of some of my own core values. They’ve also given me an escape from the regular, mundane, and sometimes troubling aspects of life in both the Military and civilian world. I have always been inspired by the resilience of some comic book characters like Matt Murdock, even though blinded as a child, overcame his tribulations and became even better than he would have without them.


Tyler J Southern Favorite Comics/Characters: Captain America, Deadpool, the Joker, Batman Favorite Movies/Shows: Deadpool, BvS, Suicide Squad, all 3 Captain Americas Favorite Artists/Writers/etc: Alan Moore, Rob Liefeld, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby

My name is Tyler Southern and I joined the Marines in 2007 at 17 years old. After basic training and SOI, I was attached to 1st Battalion 2nd Marines as a 0341 Infantry Mortarman. Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. May 5, 2010, I stepped on 10lbs of homemade explosives while trying to take a compound, resulting in the immediate amputation of three limbs. September 2012, I medically retired after two and a half years of rehab and limb salvage. July 9, 2011, I married my high school crush, Ashley and now we have two amazing kids Damon (3) and Zoey (1).

Comics and comic book culture gave me my identity. For the longest time, I tried to mold to my family, with football and drinking and tough guy stuff. When I realized I didn’t want any of that, I turned to comic books and the culture and found myself and I’m a happier man because of it.


One of the cool things about these two is that they are actually Battle Buddies and served together. We are happy to be able to bring these two friends out to San Diego and help them enjoy all that Comic Con has to offer!

Make sure to stand by as we will have some amazing pictures and video after the event to share with all of you. You can also follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the action all weekend long!

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