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Air Assaults – Stacking Up at E32017!

Earlier this month the Red Shirt Raiders descended upon Los Angeles to Stack-Up for the gaming nirvana that is E3. Everything you could possibly imagine gaming related, from new title announcements, and the latest hardware, to the exclusive swag, is there to dazzle and amaze as the industry celebrates the hobby we all love…gaming!


From right to left Stack-Up founder Stephen Machuga, Veteran Coordinator Dave Crouse and Air Assaults Richard Glass, Michael Anthony Carrasquillo, Michael Jones, and Heath Stevens

Before we arrived in the city of angels we selected an amazing group of four veterans to become our Air Assaults for this year’s E3 and if you want to get to know their stories a bit better make sure to check out our pre-convention article about them HERE. We will be following up again with them soon to hear all about their trip and what they found most exciting in the coming weeks, however, we wanted to take just a moment to show all of you what going to E3 as a Stack-Up Air Assault was all about.

Take a look at the short video below for just a taste of what our E3 Air Assaults experienced during their time in LA. We also hope you will see just a bit more of what makes these types of adventures so amazing for the veterans that are supported through the Air Assault program!

Thanks to the Air Assaults Richard Glass, Michael Jones, Heath Stevens, and Michael Anthony Carrasquillo for joining us for this years E3 and thanks to all of the Red Shirts who help us make these conventions special. Remember to stand by as we have plenty more E3 coverage to come, including an in-depth follow up from the Air Assaults themselves!

If you’d like to make a donation that helps us Stack Up with Veterans and helps them experience these amazing events like E3 click on the image below!

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