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Air Assaults – E3 2017 In Their Words

So, you have seen the video of our E32017 Air Assaults having a great time during the convention, and if you haven’t here is a LINK. Now listen in as they take the opportunity to share their story and talk about what made the convention so special for them!

The Veterans certainly had an amazing time in Los Angelas and we at Stack-Up are glad to be able to give back through our shared hobby of gaming! Thanks again Richard Glass, Michael Jones, Heath Stevens, and Michael Anthony Carrasquillo for sharing your story with us. If you missed it you can learn a bit more about our Air Assaults by checking out our pre-event write-up located HERE.

Thanks to the generosity of our fantastic supporters our Air Assault program allows us to fly deserving veterans to gaming and geek culture events such as Penny Arcade Expo, San Diego Comic Con, or E3! Often times as shown in the video these events are once in a lifetime opportunities for the veterans.

If you’d like to make a donation that helps us Stack Up with even more Veterans and that allows us to create awesome experiences around these amazing events like E3 click on the image below!

Air Assaults
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