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Air Assault – Stacking up for PAX South 2020


Favorite Video Game Franchises/Studios/Publishers: Final Fantasy or Fallout

Favorite Twitch/Mixer Streamers: N/A

I enlisted in June of 2010. I spent my first five years in service as a Bulk Fuel Specialist, completing one deployment to the Persian Gulf aboard a ship. I’ve spent the last four years as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, completing one deployment to Syria and one to Afghanistan. In September 2019 I injured my left and right hands while attempting to exploit recovered improvised explosive device components in a forensics lab. I am currently undergoing treatment for my injuries at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

As an early teen, the defining moment for my gaming was Final Fantasy 8. It set the stage for me to explore and enjoy other Final Fantasy titles. More recently I’ve come to love the Fallout series of games, my favorite being New Vegas. Due to cost and time I have not been actively involved in the gaming scene over the last few years, however, my new-found abundance of time at Walter Reed led me to explore my gaming options given my injuries.

Favorite Video Game Franchises/Studios/Publishers: Nintendo, Rockstar, Activision, Microsoft, Infinity Warfare

Favorite Twitch/Mixer Streamers: Ewok, Ninja, Timthetatman, BasicallyIdoWork, IamWIldcat, H2ODelerious

My time in service from Oct, ’14 to Nov ’17 was a wild ride. From having many medical issues to losing a career I enjoyed and loved really brought me down. But I always found hope in gaming.

While in the process of med boarding, I got an opportunity to explore the gaming world a bit more in-depth. After starting to play Fortnite, I found my best friend within the gaming community and even had a chance to have them visit me in Portland, OR. Gaming has filled the hole that got created in me and my life has changed in so many ways because of it.

Favorite Video Game Franchises/Studios/Publishers: World of Tanks (Wargaming)

Favorite Twitch/Mixer Streamers: DammitRooster, BB_NotYourWaifu, ItsPlanB

I enlisted in the Army in August of 2004 as a 13B Cannon Crewmember. Deployed to Iraq in 2006 for 15 months. Conducted raids on HVTs for the most part. Was injured in a UH-60 crash at the end of the deployment. This stopped me from being deployed again. Was then transitioned into a firearms instructor. I have been teaching marksmanship ever since.

In my free time, I like to stream (mostly) World of Tanks on Mixer. Gaming has reignited my love for WW2 history and given me an outlet to talk about tanks.


We are honored and privileged to give back to these three veterans who are all shining examples of service and sacrifice.

Pax South 2020 is looking to be even better than last year. We have so much fun planned this weekend filled with plenty of gaming and geekery for these three. Don’t think we forgot about the rest of you though, come back after the convention is over and check out everything that happened in our PAX South 2020 Air Assault wrap-up.

If you happen to be attending PAX South this year, then don’t be shy! Come and hang out with us at our booth #26027 so we can learn more about you and you can learn about us.

We are always eager to meet our fellow service members and learn about other potential candidates for our Air Assault program.

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